Bolsonaro: reforms will put Brazil among the top 50 countries to do business with

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, President Jair Bolsonaro said that his administration’s reform will put Brazil among the 50 best countries to do business in the world. He also defended more integration and economic openness and explained that he wants the country to simplify the lives of those who produce and create jobs.

This was the first time a Latin American president delivered the opening address of the forum. President Bolsonaro took the opportunity to explain his government’s agenda. “Be sure that, by the end of my term, our economic team, led by Minister Paulo Guedes, will put us in the ranking of the 50 best countries to do business with,” he said.

The president also explained that the government is working to reduce the tax burden, streamline standards, and make the lives of those who want to produce, do business, invest and create jobs easier. “We will work for macroeconomic stability, respecting contracts, privatizing and balancing the public budget,” he argued.

He assessed that Brazil is still a relatively closed economy to foreign trade and argued that it is necessary to change this. “It’s one of the biggest commitments of this administration,” he said. “We will seek to integrate Brazil into the world by incorporating the best international practices,” he said.

Environment and economic development

During his speech, Bolsonaro explained that his administration’s agenda also includes efforts to harmonize the preservation of the environment and biodiversity with economic development. He also said that the government will protect the right to life and private property and promote an education that will prepare our youth for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. He argued that the quest for knowledge can reduce misery and poverty.

“Get to know our Amazon, our beaches, our cities, and our Pantanal. Brazil is a paradise, but a largely unknown one,” said the president. “We will invest heavily in public security so that you will visit us with your families. We are almost unrivalled in natural beauty, but we are not even among the 40 most visited tourist destinations in the world,” he argued.



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World Economic Forum 2019

The World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos 2019 Kicked off on Tuesday in Switzerland and will close on Friday. The annual invite-only meeting brings together leaders in politics, business, culture, and technology. The meeting is to define priorities and shape the global, industry and regional agendas.

This year’s theme is Globalization 4.0. With the rise of populism, widespread insecurity and frustration, with a global economic outlook, there is a need to differentiate between Globalization and Globalism.

According to the previous stages of Globalization were about to trade, this new stage we are already in is about digitally-enabled services. Davos 2019 is also looking into how technological advancements are impacting the rise of new systems of health, transport energy and many more.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is also in Davos accompanied by the Ministers of Finance and International Relations. South Africa will be hoping to use Davos 2019 as an opportunity to update leaders and investors on South Africa’s economic growth agenda, as well as to meet the $100 Billion investment target set by Ramaphosa.



By Mokgethi Mtezuka