Tesla Motors to enter India’s car market

Elon Musk CEO and founder of Tesla Motors has reaffirmed Tesla’s intention to enter the Indian car market by 2019. The company will be entering the Indian market with limited operation then become fully operational by 2020.

In a tweet Musk also mention Tesla Motors having a presence in Asia, Africa and South America.

Previously Musk said his desire to enter the Indian market but restrictive regulations made it difficult, it’s expected that Tesla’s least model 3 will be the main product to be introduce to the market.

Musk desire to enter the Indian market comes after he gave Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a presentation on new technologies and Tesla cars disruptive potential to the vehicle industry.

Elon Musk is also planning on visiting India soon and is also looking into how they can bring the tesla SUV in to the Indian market.


Source: indianexpress.com

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