The future of China-Africa relations

One belt one road is China’s new modern silk road, what could be the largest infrastructure initiative. Established in 2013 by China’s president, Xi Jinping the one belt one road project effects almost 70 countries as the initiative will be crossing continents and oceans.

China has also promised to invest $900-billion in the project.  Africa also has a part to play in the initiative with the maritime silk road. The continent is seen by China as a business opportunity with natural resources, leading to China investing heavily in telecoms and financial services in the continent.

China-Africa cooperation has also peaked moving from $5 billion to a possible $180 billion, Africa gives China the opportunity to create a model that engages with the world resulting in a win-win terms. One of the setbacks to cooperation in Africa is the infrastructure problems which needs an estimated $150 billion investment today.

African though may be a key piece need for the successful implementation of the One belt on road initiative. China has already proved Africa to be one of its most important investment with its large finances made available to the continent.



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