Thousands march in support of Brazil’s presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro

Over ten thousand people marched across Brazil in support of Brazil presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday. Brazilians are set to vote again on 28 October – second round runoff which Bolsonaro is widely expected to win.

Bolsonaro received most of the votes 46% in the first national election on 7 October, but was unable to gain over 50% of the votes to win the election and avoid a second round runoff. Bolsonaro will face off against second most voted candidate Fernando Haddad with 29% of the votes.

Bolsonaro support comes from disgruntled voters who are tired of crime, corruption and social divisions. Jair Bolsonaro is not without controversy, having made offensive comment about homosexuality, women and black people.

The march for Jair Bolsonaro comes a day after thousands protested against him and his presidential candidacy with chants of “Not Him” the rallying call for Bolsonaro detractors.



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