Trump planning new US-Africa strategy to curve China and Russia’s growing influence

The US is aiming at curving China and Russia’s influence on the Africa continent. The strategy that the US is planning to employ includes strengthening ties with countries deemed potentially vulnerable to overtures from China and Russia.

The plan will be drawn up by the White House National Security Council and presented this week. The US aims to shift away from fighting terrorism or counter terrorism efforts and focus more on competing directly with Russia and China.

The only problem the US may face in this new focus on Africa – the  US president Trump previous negative statements on Africa countries. The Trump administration so far has placed most of its focus on North Korea, Iran sanctions and trade tariffs with China.

The Trump administration has also not announced any Africa focus program, leading many African leaders to believe they are not a priority for the USA. However,  China has actively invested billions across the African continent and Russia has made strong in-roads in the continent with investment and infrastructure projects.



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