Two Indian-origin women on Forbes list of America’s richest self-made women

Two India-origin women have made it to the Forbes’ list of America’s 60 richest self-made women.

President and CEO of a computer networking firm Arista Networks, Jayshree Ullal is ranked 18th in the list of 60 self-made women, having a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars.

Her career began with engineering and strategy positions at Advanced Micro Devices and Fairchild Semiconductor.

Ullal was born in London and raised in New Delhi India, she is now one of America’s wealthiest female executives.

Forbes said: “America’s top female entrepreneurs have shattered ceilings and scaled new heights, creating companies and building fortunes in everything from genetic testing to aerospace. Increasingly these self-made starters are tapping social media to cement their brands and build businesses ever more quickly”. 

Neerja Sethi is the vice president of IT consulting and outsourcing company Syntel, a company she co-founded with her husband Bharat Desai in 1980 in their apartment in Troy, Michigan.

She is ranked 21st on Forbes’ list of America’s 60 richest self-made women with a net worth of one billion dollars. 

Forbes added that Syntel racked up USD 924 million in 2017 revenues and has 23,000 employees, 80% of whom are in India.

Source: Forbes

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