U.S. Unions petition campaign against tariffs

Retailing, toy manufacturing, farming and technology unions in the united states have announced that they are planning a petition that will oppose tariffs on imports. The unions say that the tariffs are crippling U.S. industries – businesses are suffering great losses due to these tariffs.

Businesses are troubled by the rising costs of imported materials.  Farmers are concerned about the tariffs imposed by the Chinese and Europeans on the U.S. exports. Car manufacturers, auto dealers and vehicle parts makers are concerned about the tariffs on their industry.     

Retailers met last week to talk about the possible damage the tariffs will cause for their business.

The Union wants to intensify the stories of small businesses, customers and industries on how the tariffs will hurt them to show the administration that the realities on the ground.

Other industries however, support the tariffs.  The National Cattlemen’s Association and domestic steel companies are said to support tariffs as they have boosted their profits.


Additional reporting: Bloomberg


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