US may be entering new cold war with China due to sanctions

The US administration approval of the $330 million weapons sale to Taiwan last month as well as US officials talking of a rhetorical offense against China has put further pressure on the US-China relations.

The US administration has called for re-establishment of US-China relations. The US administration further alleged that China was hacking the country and stealing technology secrets.  The US has also called out China’s unfair trade practices as well as reason for the trade tariffs.

The new view of China by the United States is that of a great power competition, the US has signaled its intentions to compete with China in worldwide economic and strategic aggression. The US also wants shift the Chinese government, to change its behavior regarding the civil and human rights of its citizens.

There are fears that the US may have escalated tensions even further by sanctioning China and certain Chinese business men. if China were to retaliate to this would initiate a new cold war.


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