Venezuela Crisis: Brazil deploys troops as tensions rise


Brazilian President Michel Temer signed a declaration on Tuesday 28 August to send the army to “guarantee law and order” on the Venezuelan border, following the latest violent incident. More than a thousand homeless Venezuelan who migrants swamped into Brazil’s northwestern Roraima state, were driven back by a mob of angry citizens earlier in month. 

Temer says deployment of troops is aimed at proving “security for Brazilian citizens but also Venezuelan immigrants feeling their country”. The Brazilian President further said that the Venezuelan crisis was “tragic”, as it “threatens the harmony of practically the entire continent”. The international community has to adopt diplomatic measures, he said.
The United Nations reported that 2.3 million Venezuelan’s are living outside the homeland, with 1.6 million of those having left since 2015.

The Brazilian President didn’t reveal the number of soldiers to be deployed. According to Defense Minister, Joaquim Silvia e Luna, the troops are already in place on the border.

Security Minister, Sergio Etchegoyen warned that Brazil “needs to discipline” the inundation of migrants.


Source: The Straits Times

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