Wealth of India super rich increased by 87% in 5 years

In a report from the IIFL Wealth Management and Wealth-X which showed that in the past five years India’s wealth has made a generational leap with an 87% increase. The report also went on say that India’s ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) are richer and slightly younger than their global counterparts.

India is also home to 284,140 of world’s wealthiest individuals and it is also expected that the number of wealthy people will rise by 86% by 2021, reaching over half a million. The high number of the  super-rich, as the population grows in India has put the country almost in a league of its own as it beats out rival countries.

The number Indian super rich not only affects India but also affect other countries as they tend to in invest in projects and program across the world from New York, Dubai and London.



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