Xi Jinping to attend The Economic Forum in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to hold talks with his Chinese equivalent, Xi Jinping in the upcoming month. The meeting will take place during an Economic Forum in a city east of Russia, Vladivostok. Russia anticipates that this meeting held from 11 – 13 September will be attended by Asian leaders and companies.

According to PLENGLISH, an estimated 6,000 politicians, economists and business people will participate. The talks will be held under theme ‘Far East Expanding the Opportunities’ and will include talks between leaders of Russia, China, Japan, India and the Association of Southeast nations among others.

The meeting is also expected to cover discussions on investors, living conditions in the region and international cooperation projects.

Anton Kobiakov, secretary of the organising committee says that the event is of great significance for the nations taking part and it is expected to strengthen relations between the countries.



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